Celebrating 10 years since our first Solar PV Installation

On 26th March 2021 we celebrate 10 years since our first Solar PV installation. This was for Mr & Mrs Burston in Berrow. We installed 22 Sharp 180W panels giving a 3.96kWp array. These were connected to an SMA 4kW inverter. This system has performed faultlessly since the day it was installed. It has generated over 3.8 Megawatt hours of free electricity and earned over £19,000 in Feed in Tariff payments.

House Roof PV

Shortly after we also fitted a Solic 200 PV Diverter which directs any excess solar power into their hot water cylinder. This has provided most of their hot water from April through to October each year. To prevent pigeons nesting under the panels, we also fitted bird spikes, which has kept the pests at bay.

Bird Spikes
Published On: March 26th, 2021 / Categories: Energy, Installations /