References from our customers are available on request and most of our work is from recommendation.

4.00 kW PV System - East Brent

East Brent PV Inverter








16 Sanyo HIT 250W Hybrid Panels with Aurora PVI 3600 Inverter. We also installed a VPhase Voltage Optimiser to save an additional 10% on the customers power consumption.

2.00 kW PV System - Brean

2.0kW PV Brean RF








Brean 2.0kW Inverter BF








10 ASun 200W Monocrystaline panels with individual Enecsys Micro Inverters which overcome shading issues from the neighbours chimney. This system comes with online monitoring, where the performance of each individual panel can be viewed on the internet from anywhere in the world.

3.36 kW PV System - West Huntspill

3.36kW PV System - West Huntspill








12 Yingli 280W Polycrystaline Panels with Aurora PVI 3600 Inverter.

3.92 kW PV System - Aylesbury

Hemel PV AR

14 Yingli 280W Polycrystaline panels with an SMA 4000TL inverter. The customer also had a Voltis Home Voltage Optimiser fitted to further reduce electricity consumption by more than 10%.

3.80 kW PV System - Bristol


Bristol - 3.8kW PV CM








Bristol 3.8kW Inverter CM








20 ASun 190W Black Monocrystaline panels and SMA 3800V inverter. The customer seleted these black panels as they look aesthetically better on this restored farmhouse.

3.96 kW PV System - Berrow

Berrow 3.96kW PV KB









Berrow 3.96kW Inverter KB








22 Sharp 180W Monocrystaline Panels and SMA 3800V inverter. The inverter was installed in the attic as there was no suitable place downstairs. To keep the inverter cool in the Summer we installed a fresh air vent below the inverter and a thermostatic extract fan above. We also installed an Immersun hot water controller, using free power from the PV to heat their hot water cylinder.

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