Solar PV

We work with the leading companies within the solar PV marketplace to offer you premium quality installations at an affordable price. All of our installations are in accordance with the Governments accredited MCS scheme to enable you to benefit from the feed-in tariffs. Combined with local support and local service, we believe we can offer the best PV package for you.

• Significantly reduce your electricity bills
• Sell surplus electricity back to the grid
• Guaranteed Tax Free, Index Linked income for 20 Years
• Increase the value of your property
• Reduce your carbon footprint
• 10% performance advantage possible over competitors standard Solar PV Systems
• Competitive prices and premium quality from your local installer.
Example calculation

Without Solar PV
Assume – Household annual consumption is 4000kWh
Cost of electricity without PV is 4000kWh x £0.15
= £600.00

With Solar PV

Expect 3600kWh generated from a 4KWp Solar PV system in SW England.
50% of generated power is used in house
= 1800kwh
Total power purchased from Electricity Supplier is reduced to:
= 2200kWh

Feed in Tariff (FIT) from PV – 3600kWh x £0.0401 (index linked)
= £144.36 (Tax Free)
Export tariff extra 1800kWh x £0.0503 (index linked)
= £90.54 (Tax Free)
Reduction in bill to Electricity supplier 1800kWh x £0.15
= £270.00

Total annual benefit from system = £504.90  (Tax Free, Index linked for 20 Years)

Feed-in Tarrif
Up to 4KWp  – 4.01p per KWh

The Feed-in Tariff has been introduced by the UK Government in order to increase the amount of renewable energy generated in the UK, towards or target of 15% of total energy from renewable sources by 2020. The above amounts will be paid for a guaranteed minimum of 20 years, index linked and tax free for domestic properties.
For the full list of Feed-in tariffs, please visit 
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